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Youngsters assemble to learn about cat care ...

16 March 2017
Youngsters assemble to learn about cat care ...

Two hundred Birches Green infant and nursery pupils enjoyed a very special assembly – a cat care DVD and presentation – on Thursday, 16th March.

Cats Protection talk volunteers Sheila Pennell, Richard Brown and Ruth Dillon were invited into Birches Green Infants in Erdington by staff member Mrs Plaha to give a presentation - and were delighted to hear ‘just how many of the children had pets – not only cats, but hamsters, rabbits and dogs too!’

Talk volunteers Sheila Pennell and Ruth Dillon and (centre) Emily Canavan, Birches Green teacher - all smiles with how the Cats Protection presentation went.  

Confirms Sheila: “All three of us had a warm welcome - the children were attentive yet lively and engaged too. And although our aim is to put over the five key welfare needs of cats – along the lines of food and fresh water, shelter, vet care, toys and a safe place to stay and play - they came up with lots more – including lots of cuddles and a cat-flap!”

Richard Brown, who has several years experience in the training and education field, took the lead role in the presentation and – as always at CP events – took the photos. 

Says Richard: “Certainly I welcomed the opportunity to lead - it is very different presenting to such a large group and so rewarding reaching so many children, and staff, in one assembly session.”

Ruth Dillon, who lives in Erdington and is a more recent recruit to the talk team, came along to join Sheila and Richard at short notice and proved a great contributor.

Adds Sheila: “Big thanks from today’s talk team to our Education Officer, Kelly Matthews, for getting all the goody-gifts to the school in time for our visit, and to the school staff involved in setting everything up – Barbara Humphries, Kiran Plaha and Emily Canavan – and to all the delightful children we met.”

*Any school or group can request a Cats Protection ‘Caring for Cats’ workshop or talk – call the local helpline on 0345 260 1503.