Adopt via our Direct Homing Scheme

Where we're not able to take in a cat that needs a new home, we try to help via our Direct Homing Scheme. This is referred to as a 'private adoption' as it is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current carer to decide if the cat is suited to its possible new home. Equally, it is up to the current carer to decide whether the potential adopter will provide a good home, properly care for the cat, and keep the cat indoors in its new home for at least six weeks. The current carer continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place.

We feature the cat on our website and give as much information as we can - but we make no claim to accurate knowledge of the cat, its health, vaccination status, whether it is neutered, micro-chipped, etc.

Cats featured will stay on the site until we hear/establish that they have been rehomed or other arrangements made. We will remove the contact details but leave on the 'success stories' to show how the 'direct scheme' achieves results. If we find the contact number is invalid or doesn't take messages, ie, no-one could get in touch, we will promptly remove the entry.

There are no adoption fees for this - the Direct Homing Scheme - but either party may want to make a donation to the branch which is much appreciated. We ask that the carer ensures they have the full name, address and contact details of the adopter so they can check whether all is going well post-adoption, and this also enables Cats Protection to offer the adopter 4-weeks Petplan insurance, a 'direct cat care leaflet' and a listing of local vets.

The availability of the cat/s currently featured is checked and validated regularly, but cats or kittens featured may or may not still be available as time elapses.

and GINGER (6.12.17)

and GINGER are looking for their forever homes!
Their senior carer no longer has the energy to devote as much time to her precious cats as she used to. 
This is what she says about them.
"Thomas is the eldest - he is nearly 5 years old.  When Patch and Ginger came to live with him, he was extremely maternal towards them.  He is very loving but quite timid and shy around strangers and would best suit a home without young children or dogs.   He has been spayed and vaccinated."

"Patch is approximately 4 years old.  He is affectionate but also timid and shy around strangers. He might not fair well in a home with young children and/or a dog. He has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped."

"Ginger is approximately 4 years old too.  He is also a loving cat and quite timid - although a little more confident than his sibling Patch, he probably would be better placed in a home without young children or dogs.  Ginger has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped."

If you think you could offer Thomas, Patch or Ginger a loving home and would like more information, 
or to arrange a viewing, please contact 
Mrs O'Malley on 07484 216928

and TIDDLES (5.12.17)
MOLLY and TIDDLES need to find a new home as a result of a house move!
For more information about these two read what their carer, Kirsty, has to say below:
"This is Molly!  She is approximately 6 years old.   She is a playful, loving and gentle cat who likes to snuggle. She  also likes going outside.  Molly has been neutured and microchipped but has not been vaccinated".  

"This is Tiddles and he is approximately  1 year to 14 months.  He is very playful and affectionate.  He is always on the go during the day and sleeps well at night.  He loves children and other cats, although he has never seen a dog.  He is like having a toddler around!  Tiddles has been neutered and microchipped but has not been vaccinated"
If you think you could offer Molly and Tiddles a loving home and would like more information,
or to arrange a viewing, please contact 
Kirsty on 07516 719770
SNOW and PEBBLES (3.11.17)
Unfortunately their carers are no longer able to look after them due to ill health but would dearly love them to go to a caring home together..."as they are the very best of friends."  Read more of what their owners say about them below:
"SNOW has one black spot and is lovable.  She is quieter than her sister Pebbles, and she's adult and child-friendly.  She prefers it when the house is without loud noises like the vacuum and will hide away in the corner when the smoke alarm goes off or if the vacuum is on.  She likes to relax a lot."

"PEBBLES, is more streetwise, adult and child-friendly too. She will tolerate anything, loves to explore  both indoors and out, and enjoys playing - especially with the mop, string and visitors feet!  She is playful around family and friends and very confident. Like Snow, she is loved by the family."

"Both cats have been spayed but not microchipped. They are around 2 years old, and were vaccinated around a year ago. Their general health is very good." 
If you think you could offer Snow and Pebbles a loving home, and would like more information,
or to arrange a viewing of these loveable 'best friends', please contact 
Shireen on 07463 216202 or Maureen on 07456 459459

2.12.17  DARRYL has found her new home in time for Christmas!  The purrfect present!

25.10.17 DARRYL is looking for a loving new home as a result of a house move
2.12.17 Great News!!  HONEY has been rehomed this evening.  Cathy tells us she has gone to live with a 'wonderful family'!    

28.11.27 Honey and her kitttens were taken in by Cathy who has given them much needed TLC. Unable to keep them, as she has six cats already, she would love to find them their forever homes.

25.11.7 PRINCESS 
has found a loving new family to live with and was rehomed yesterday. 

14.11.17 PRINCESS is looking for a new home due to a change in her owner’s personal circumstances.

   13.11.17 - Good     News!  DUDE and FROSTY have both found new homes
25.10.17 DUDE and FROSTY - looking for new homes as a result of a house move.
31.8.17. Adoption has taken place today. Edith's previous owner had her vaccinated and chipped before the move.  

29.06.17 Four-year old black beauty Edith needs a new home as owner Jane is moving in with her partner – and unfortunately he has an allergy to cats!
Update mid-July: Thanks to this page, Daisy has been adopted by a 'lovely family in Wolverhampton' Laura tells us. So everyone happy !  

15.05.17 Six-year-old Daisy is looking for a new home. 
Update 8.2.17. These two cats have been sorted out - temporarily at least. More later. 

19.1.2017. Lilly and Molly are pretty-much identical young tabby-and-white sisters, and need a new home because a premature baby has joined the household who is allergic to cats.