Lost and Found

Unsure if it is a stray or has owners? Cats by nature are inquisitive and many have a tendency to wander, so sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether a cat is a stray or not.

To help establish whether a found cat has owner(s) elsewhere, we can provide a Cats Protection collar with our branch number on for the owner to contact us.  This is a paper collar so is perfectly safe (it will tear off should the cat get caught on anything) and will eventually come off naturally.  To request a collar, please contact the helpline. 
We have included a photograph of one of these collars under the found cat section below. 

Please get your cat microchipped. Every cat that comes into our care is scanned, and only 5% of cats are found to have a chip.  We have reunited one cat with its owner as a result of microchipping that had been missing for two years, and another that had been missing for 17 months. 'Tigga' had been on animal search too, and was found living in a garden less than a mile from his real home. Luckily, the CP volunteer who found him had a scanner, so he was very quickly - within 15 minutes - reunited with his grateful owner. Make sure to update your chip details if you move house.
·         Animal Search: 0143 226 6900    (9am - 9pm Mon to Fri, 9 till 3pm Sat and Sun) www.animalsearchuk.co.uk
·         Local Veterinary practice  - they keep lost & found records
·         RSPCA 0870 753 8675
·         PDSA 0121 422 2902
·         Local Cats Protection and ask them to put your pet on their register
·         Pet Search: 0121 704 4377
·         Speak to neighbours
·         Blue Cross: 0121 453 3130
·         Cleansing department of local council
·         Check the lost and found column in local newspapers/place an add with them
·         Put together a poster with a photo and put flyers through letterboxes.
          Offer a reward?
·         Ask your newsagent to display your poster in their window
·         Put posters up on trees 
·         Look in boxes and cupboards, search whole of the house from top to bottom,
          Check vehicles, garden sheds and garages and walk the streets when they are quiet.

Cats Protection has teamed up with Animal Search UK to provide the UK's most advanced lost and found database.

Animal Search UK is the leading search service for missing pets in Britain. They specialise in helping to reunite owners with lost or stolen pets. Their website is free to use, provides local and national coverage and offers free help and advice for people who have lost or found a pet.

To get started, please choose one of the options below.

I've lost my cat

Cats Protection is working with Animal Search UK to reunite more cats and owners.

If you have lost your cat, click the link to register your cat as missing.

The link will redirect you to the Animal Search UK website.

I've found a cat

Cats Protection is working with Animal Search UK to reunite more cats and their owners.

If you have found a cat, please click the link below to register the cat at Animal Search UK.

The Link will redirect you to the Animal Search UK website.

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