Success Story - Belle

One very special kitty had a tough start in life, but thanks to her fosterer and new family, she’s overcome it all. 

Blind rescue cat Belle landed on her paws when Kate and Matt adopted herBelle came to NBCP from a feral colony and we think she had been blind from birth or as a result of severe cat flu. She had to have both her eyes removed but she adapted so well to her situation that it's hard to tell she's blind. 

Whiskers provide vital information to help cats navigate - especially when their other senses are compromised. Because her whiskers were trimmed shorter for her eye operation, Belle found herself bumping into things for a while afterwards; but once they had grown back, Belle was back to her confident self. 

Belle’s fosterer Shaki McFarland said, “Belle never ceases to amaze me, I once watched her catch a moth! Her other senses must be really heightened.”

Home sweet home
With her eyes healed, all Belle needed was a home where she could live indoors, with the option to explore a garden safely. As luck would have it, Kate Brougham (pictured with Belle) and her boyfriend Matt were able to make room in their home for one more very special puss, having already adopted her litter-mate Beau. 

Sibling rivalry
Volunteers Shaki and Denise went to visit Belle and Beau in their new home. They love to race up and down the stairs and Belle often beats her brother. Her ears are constantly twitching and turning and she keeps her whiskers pushed forward, which helps her sense everything that’s happening around her. Many people who meet Belle refuse to believe that she is blind - even though she’s got no eyes! 

Kate told us, “We were amazed at Christmas, when I took Belle and Beau to my parent’s house in Yorkshire. We were worried how she’d cope with the journey, new house and all the coming and going. Within an hour she’d learnt her way around, rolled on all the beds, eaten her dinner and fallen asleep next to my Mum, while Beau spent three days hiding!”

Says Shaki, “I am so happy Belle has turned out to be such a confident cat. I missed her when she left, it was too quiet! But Kate & Matt are perfect for her. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome.”  Kate has even become a volunteer for the branch too!

Remember the special ones
If you’re looking for a cat - or any pet - please don’t dismiss those with ‘special needs’ - you don’t know what you might be missing!