Loved and lost - Keith's story

Keith%44 who sadly lost his life in an uncovered water buttAn improvised water butt cover could save a cat's lifeIn cases where rescue cats don't come around and remain semi-feral, we try to rehome them to farms or stables where they can earn their keep by seeing off any vermin in return for food and shelter. In some cases, with a bit of time, space and patience, these semi-feral cats can become tamer and more accepting of their human benefactors. Such is the case on Walsall Road Allotments, where a group of ‘not-so-ferals’ live alongside the gardeners there.

Beautiful Keith was one of five semi-feral cats at Walsall Road Allotments. He had gradually learned to trust Betty Farruggia, the allotment Secretary, and was a familiar sight to all who gardened there.

Sadly for Keith, his time as an allotment cat was cut tragically short. He hadn't been seen around for three days, when he was finally discovered. The poor boy had drowned in one of the water butts at the allotments, presumably having climbed up, fallen in and unable to get back out.
If you have a water butt, please make sure it is covered over, or emptied and turned upside down. You may prevent your own pet or a stray or wild animal from suffering the same fate.

If your water butt doesn’t have a cover, you can easily improvise one like the example shown here.