Loved and lost - Harry

Little Harry was a little fighter%44 but sadly didn't make itFor every happy ending like Binney's and Belle's, there's usually a not so happy one too. Sad as they are, we want our supporters to understand the sorts of issues our Welfare Officers and Fosterers are dealing with every day, to show just how important our work is.

One such story is that of Harry, a 5-week old kitten from a feral litter. When Harry arrived with fosterer Nicole Evans he was very ill, infested with maggots and covered in diarrhoea. She thought he was a goner but after a night in the vet's he made a bit of a recovery. Then followed an agonising few days of trips to the vet for more emergency care and around the clock treatment, but Harry kept on fighting. Charlie, one of Lydons’ veterinary nurses even took Harry with her to a conference in order to continue caring for him - now that's dedication! 

After what seemed to be some real improvements in his condition, including managing to eat a bit of food on his own, little Harry sadly lost his fight. He had a rare condition and couldn't be saved despite all Charlie's fabulous efforts. 

Thank you to Nicole and Charlie for loving and caring for this little chap during his final days. 

RIP Harry x