Become a fosterer

SameenaWhen Heather Tait became an indoor fosterer she had this to say: “I’d heard that Cats Protection were struggling to find enough fosterers over Christmas as some prefer to take a break, plus the unusually mild weather meant there were more kittens than usual for the time of year. I offered to foster some kittens over Christmas and took in Amir and Sameena (pictured), aged 5 weeks. 
They were an absolute delight and my 6 and 4 year old boys fell instantly in love. They were very timid as they had been found abandoned in a shed and didn't really know how to react to humans, but both accepted a stroke. I have had cats all my life so I had experience but really all we needed was patience.
"After a few days both kittens came right out of their shells and spent most evenings curled up on our laps. They are now the warmest, most affectionate cats I have ever met. It's been such a pleasure to help these kittens reach their potential. I was glad to see them go to their new home, and I will happily foster more kittens in the future.”
Nicole Evans is one of our long serving fosterers and has a specially equipped, heated cat cabin in her garden. She said, "Fostering cats and kittens is such a great experience. Most people ask how I can give up my foster kittens - the truth is there are always so many others waiting to be rescued, so it's great that they go to loving, caring homes, meaning we can free up space to help even more unwanted cats and kittens."
If you would like to know more about fostering or any other Volunteer role, please call us on 0345 260 1503, and someone will call you back.