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2017 - and Archie is homed at last ...

07 January 2017
2017 - and Archie is homed at last ...

Final Archie update - moved to his new home with his new owners on 7 January - ditched the Xmas hat and settled well on their bed already! Happy 2017 to Archie. New owner Tanya has transferred his microchip and says he will keep his name - 'it suits him' !   

** Update 16.12.16. Thanks to this website story, Archie had a viewer on the 15th December who feels that 'he is the purr-fect black-and-white boy for him' - and paws crossed - Archie will be going off to his new home just after Christmas! Great festive-feline news!

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Adorable Archie is aching for a new home before Christmas – and if he gets one, it will be third time lucky. His Erdington ‘Mum’ Laura Meeking can’t believe that not just one but two seemingly keen viewers changed their minds about meeting Archie at the last minute – leaving the family wondering why white-and-black Archie is so down on his luck.

Says Laura, who lives in Inland Road and is an insurance quality assessor: “Archie is a big, beautiful boy who we adopted from Cats Protection in April, 2011. He is affectionate, playful and loves a good fuss. He enjoyed a quiet life with me and husband David, but hasn't been happy since our little boy, Daniel, was born. And as we now have another baby on the way and we’re moving to Rubery, we’ve come to the difficult decision that Archie would be happier with someone who can give him the attention he deserves and a quieter life.”

Laura has had Archie languishing on the ’Directs’ page of the website for months, where most cats find new owners within weeks – but not Archie. Laura says: “There were two potential adopters, but one had memory problems – she kept making appointments then forgot to turn up – and another changed her mind for the strangest reason - because Archie already had a home, she didn’t want to take him away.”

Laura is expecting her new baby in the New Year, and would love to see Archie settled in his new home before the move to Rubery. “Otherwise,” she says: “Archie will have two moves – one with us, then we will need to try again from our new home. He is not happy with one toddler, so he will be doubly-disappointed if he has to share his life with two. He will be fine with older children but not babies or dogs as he doesn't like too much noise. He needs a home with a garden as he spends most of his time outdoors in the summer, but likes to snuggle up indoors now it is wet and cold. We adore him and have showered him with affection since he has been with us – he was our bundle of joy and, I suppose, is jealous of sharing us with our little boy. He has no health problems. He came from the Cats Protection Adoption Centre originally and is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, flea-treated and wormed.”

 *Archie can go to his new home with his carrier, bed, brushes and toys. Laura would welcome a cat-call on 07944 341459 if anyone can make it ‘third time lucky’ for Archie.

** Cats Protection North Birmingham is currently keen to recruit more fosterers. Do contact the helpline - 0345 260 1503 - if you have a spare room and want to cat-chat about fostering and what it involves.