NBCP Case Studies


Branch volunteers didn’t have to ‘beg’ at Pets at Home at the Beggars Bush – shoppers gave willingly to the tune of close-on £300 at the CP can-shake over the second weekend in April.

Says volunteer Claire Davis, who organised the event on the Princess Alice retail park: “This was only our second time at this venue so we’re pretty pleased with the result. Handouts produced by volunteer Bridget Harper meant that shoppers could pick up contact details on CP along with info about forthcoming events. It must have been the two hottest days of the year so far so extra thanks to those who togged-up in the cat suit. Volunteer Sheila Pennell brought her tap shoes and managed to keep up the ‘dancing cat’ routine for well over an hour which fascinated parents and kids alike.”

So it’s thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and everyone who dug into their pockets and kindly donated to help us help the cats in our care.

Rachel Burbridge, who hails from Sheffield and works at Streetly hair salon ‘Francesco’  was one of hundreds who gave to Cats Protection at the weekend can-shake - and the the most memorable with her pretty pink hair!

Lovely lilly -
Loved at last !
Sussex page catLovely Lilly is very much a ‘rags to riches’ success story. As with most abandoned cats, no-one quite knows where Lilly started off in life, but Cats Protection found the very young Mum and her three kittens in a factory in Hockley. She was injured by a machine and oil from toxic suds penetrated her painful wounds and spoilt her beautiful black and white fur coat.
But worse was to come. The factory owner poured neat antiseptic on her injuries – which Lilly licked off and burnt her tongue. So then poor Lilly couldn’t eat and grew weak and thin.
Thankfully, CP fosterer Claire Davis came to the rescue and, after lots of TLC and dozens of gentle bubble-baths, she was totally transformed into the glossy, healthy, lovely Lilly she is today. No wonder she wowed new owner, Rosemary Shah, and now lives the happy-ever-after life she so richly deserves.


A much loved missing cat – Monty – resulted in anxious owners Jayne and Chris Eggar  of Walmley asking the branch if his picture could be posted on the lost page of our website.
We obliged, and fortunately it was not the last we saw or heard of Monty – described as a big handsome chap just like the Felix cat! Owner Jayne was soon in touch again, saying: “I’m pleased to report we’ve found Monty. We searched the streets and nearby wood to no avail – then found him underneath an overturned wooden crate in a neighbour’s garden. He hadn’t been there all week as I’d spoken to them a couple of days before. He was hungry and desperate for a wee!”

Jayne has written to thank us for posting her plea on the website. We’re glad to have been of service and here’s a reminder of what you can do to help find a missing cat ....


• Contact all the local vets (the branch has an excel file with this data)

• Prepare and place posters on lamp-posts and flyers through doors in the area


Contact Animal Search UK  www.animalsearchuk.co.uk - info@animalsearchuk.co.uk - 01432 266 900

(9am - 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 3pm Saturday and Sunday)


• Cat rescue groups can be found here: http://www.catchat.org/adoption/mids.html

• and valuable information here: http://www.catchat.org/lost.html

**Pictured is Monty – originally a CP cat - back home where he belongs!

CP can find you a gorgeous cat too! Visit: https://www.cats.org.uk/northbirmingham/

Ripley the tearaway cat was a rough-sleeper for over a year – so where better to settle-down than a care home where he gets more love and adoration than he ever dreamed possible!
And the new arrival has livened things up for the residents of the home – Greenacres in Sutton. Some didn’t join in activities – but they do now if Ripley takes part too.
“He’s very much the therapy cat,” says the branch’s welfare officer, Alan Hillier. “This cat was living outside in Ripley Grove all of last year – hence the name. One of our volunteers who lives just across the road, Val Bannister, used to take her own cat over and that delighted the residents, so we decided if the right cat came along we’d ‘donate’ him. Staff appreciate the ‘Ripley/resident effect’ so much they’re now fitting a cat flap so he can escape to obscurity from time to time when the pressure of being a celebrity cat gets a bit too much!”
Pictured is Greenacres resident David McIlree giving CP therapy-cat Ripley a proper fuss