Adopt via our Direct Homing Scheme

Where we're not able to take in a cat that needs a new home, we try to help via our Direct Homing Scheme. This is referred to as a 'private adoption' as it is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current carer to decide if the cat is suited to its possible new home. Equally, it is up to the current carer to decide whether the potential adopter will provide a good home, properly care for the cat, and keep the cat indoors in its new home for at least six weeks. The current carer continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place.

We feature the cat on our website and give as much information as we can - but we make no claim to accurate knowledge of the cat, its health, vaccination status, whether it is neutered, micro-chipped, etc.

Cats featured will stay on the site until we hear/establish that they have been rehomed or other arrangements made. We will remove the contact details but leave on the 'success stories' to show how the 'direct scheme' achieves results. If we find the contact number is invalid or doesn't take messages, ie, no-one could get in touch, we will promptly remove the entry.

There are no adoption fees for this - the Direct Homing Scheme - but either party may want to make a donation to the branch which is much appreciated. We ask that the carer ensures they have the full name, address and contact details of the adopter so they can check whether all is going well post-adoption, and this also enables Cats Protection to offer the adopter 4-weeks Petplan insurance, a 'direct cat care leaflet' and a listing of local vets.

The availability of the cat/s currently featured is checked and validated regularly, but cats or kittens featured may or may not still be available as time elapses.

(Updated 21.5.18)

Cute cat “Ozzy”  was going to move house but sadly his new Landlord does not allow animals 
so he now needs to find a new loving home.
Read what Bernadette says about this lovely boy, below: 
Five year old Ozzy is neutered, vaccinated and in good general health.  He is playful and enjoys the outdoors.  He tends to hide away until he knows you – then he is very affectionate and currently loves sitting on his owner’s lap.  His behaviour with children is unknown but is okay with other cats.  He has not been microchipped”
Could you offer Ozzy a home–from-home?  A caring, loving environment? 
Then please call Bernadette on  07725 463577  for more details, or to arrange a visit in the Erdington area.
(Updated 8.5.18)
Rosie and Tiddly are sad because their owner has passed away. Although they are being well cared for by Sharon, 
she is unable to take them on full-time, so they are now looking for a new home together, where
they can receive the love and security they once knew. 
Read what Sharon says about these inseparable best friends below:
Rosie and Tiddly have been indoor cats since they were kittens and are now in their ninth/tenth year.   They tend to shy away from the outdoors, preferring to spend time at home – sleeping.

Rosie is an affectionate cat who doesn’t play much these days.

Tiddly is more timid than Rosie and doesn’t like too much fuss – at least not until she knows you better so a little patience is required here.

The ideal home for them would be a very quiet household where they could stay indoors and gradually acclimatise themselves to their new environment. 

They have not been spayed or microchipped. “ 
Could you offer these two beauties a caring, loving home?  
Then please call Sharon on 07722 862317 for more details, or to arrange a visit in the Dudley area.  

19.5.18  They say everything comes to those who wait!  And it did.  Bobtail is no longer a 'greenhouse' cat but has her own forever home. Ann couldn't be happier - and we wish Bobtail every happiness too.

29.4.18  Bobtail is now in the care of one of our Adoption Centres where she will be looked after until she finds her very own 'forever home'.  Despite missing her, Ann wishes her every  happiness - as do we!! 

7.2.18  Kind-hearted Ann has been taking care of this 'affectionate and friendly' stray, and has named her ‘Bobtail’.  However, she feels it's now time to find her a loving home/family of her own. 
25.4.18   Flic is now with the Cats Protection Adoption Centre - hopefully she will now find a loving, caring forever home.

7.2.18  Flic is ‘happy, independent and calm' but her bullying housemates are making her incredibly anxious. 
21.4.18   Great News. Tabby is now happilly settled into her new home with Rita.  We wish Rita and Tabby much happiness together!

7.2.18 Tabby's carer is unable to spend as much time with her as she'd like and is seeking a loving, caring home for her. 
7.4.18   Annie says that Tom Tom has now been rehomed with a nice lady.  Good luck to them both!

27.2.18  Annie is looking to rehome adorable Tom Tom as her current carers are moving into sheltered accommodation 
and, sadly, cannot take her with them.  

20.3.18 Archie has now found a place at a Nottingham Cat Rescue Centre where they will take care of him until he finds his forever home - Good luck Archie!

1.3.18  Sadly, a severe allergic reaction to cats means that gorgeous ginger tom Archie needs to find a new home.
19.3.18  Anita has advised that Tiger and Thomas have found places with a cat rescue!  We wish them well in finding loving homes.

27.2.18  Tiger and Thomas were very much loved by their carer, whom they have sadly lost! 
8.3.18  Yve has informed us that these two beauties have been taken in by the Blue Cross.  Let's hope they do manage to find a loving home together. We wish them well!

5.3.18  Rakelle and Ritzy have been together for nine years and, sadly, they recently lost their carer.
8.3.18  Lisa has managed to find a home for these two beautiful boys together - purrrfect!  Good luck guys from all of us here at Cats Protection!

5.3.18  Lisa’s young baby is allergic to cats so, sadly, these two beautiful brothers have to find a new home / family to take care of them!

7.3.18   Anita has sent this lovely picture of GINGER in his new home.  She says he will be doted on and has settled in well!  Great news.   

19.2.18 Ginger, Tiger and Thomas were very much loved by their carer, who they have sadly lost. 
22.2.18  MILLIE has now been adopted - hooray!  We wish her much happiness in her new home.  

19.2.18   As a result of landlord issues, MILLIE found herself with nowhere to go. Neighbours, Loraine and Bob, took her in and gave her much needed TLC and shelter. Reluctantly, they admit it’s now time to find MILLIE her forever home.

25.1.18 LILY is now in the care of an adoption/rescue centre.  We wish her well in finding her new loving home.

17.1.18 LILY is looking for her forever home.  Her carer has been hospitalised and is, sadly, no longer able to look after her.
25.01.18  MOLLY's carers are now able to keep her which is great news all round!

5.12.17 MOLLY needs to find a new home as a result of a house move.
9.1.18 Theresa has advised us that TRIXIE has now been rehomed to a 'lovely family'. 

3.1.18 TRIXIE was taken in by Theresa, her carer, when she needed a little extra TLC. Unable to keep her, as she has three cats already, Theresa is hoping to find Trixie her forever home. 
27.12.17  TOFFEE was adopted today and has now left for her new home. 

17.12.17  TOFFEE is looking for her forever home.  Her current carers are unable to keep her as they  go abroad for long periods at a time. 
19.12.17  Great news for TIDDLES!  Kirsty tells us she's moved into a lovely home. 

5.12.17  TIDDLES  (and Molly) need to find a new home as a result of a house move. 

2.12.17  DARRYL has found her new home in time for Christmas!  The purrfect present!

25.10.17 DARRYL is looking for a loving new home as a result of a house move

2.12.17 Great News!!  HONEY has been rehomed this evening.  Cathy tells us she has gone to live with a 'wonderful family'    

28.11.27 Honey and her kitttens were taken in by Cathy who has given them much needed TLC. Unable to keep them, as she has six cats already, she would love to find them their forever homes.

25.11.7 PRINCESS has found a loving new family to live with and was rehomed yesterday. 

14.11.17 PRINCESS is looking for a new home due to a change in her owner’s personal circumstances.

13.11.17 - Good     News!  DUDE and FROSTY have both found new homes
25.10.17 DUDE and FROSTY - looking for new homes as a result of a house move.